Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Nico and his Aunt

Since I last blogged a lot has happened and it has all been what I never expected in a million years. My mother got herself a lhasa apso puppy! NICO HAS A BUD! It is a wee female called Senna and she is a total ball of fluff and most importantly, totally different from Nico himself. He was happy to see her at first and then has gone through jealous patches or patches where she wants to talk to him ore than he would like but for the most part they are getting on well and I am very proud of him.

He has sure stepped up though. He very much protects her on walks, looking out for threats and waiting to bark but I tell him not to so he holds it back. His behaviour is just...well better and he holds himself with a bit more swagger, as if he knows he is the big boy now. It is wonderful to see. There was worry that they would not get on and Senna wouldn't be able to stay and Nico would get upest and angry but I have always had faith in him and things are turning out grand. Not everything is perfect but for the most part I think he is very much happy to have a wee bud.

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