Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sam's Best Friend

Well, maybe not my BEST friend but he's certainly up there is my Nico. He has been through his grass ban and today was the first day the weather and circumstance made it possible to go out to the quarry together. It was wonderful to see him get so excited about it all! We were there over an hour with him sniffing at everything, going back and forth, and just getting to know the place again. I let him control our pace and just plodded along behind him really, enjoying the crisp air and the silence. I think he has really missed being able to run around on grass and take his time investigating his environment rather than just being walked around concrete pathways to protect his wee feet. It was for the best but wasn't the most riveting experience for either of us. The most interesting thing he will meet on our usual journeys is a house cat and the odd rabbit. If he is lucky he will see a squirrel dart across the path.

Nico with a treat post tail brushing. 

At the quarry he can see all sorts of creatures buzzing about and darting around when they think we can't see. He is not a chaser. He shows no interest in approaching everything but likes to sit and watch and learn. Cats he loves to walk up to and kiss on the nose because he lives with one but he always walks happily and his wee tail drops if they decide they want nothing to do with him. He's a good chap like that. He'd rather make pals with a cat than a dog really.

He can't 'tell' me that he's happy to be back at the quarry but his body language says it all. When you have a dog, they can tell you all sorts if you just look and listen in other ways. He is flat out knackered this evening after his adventures in the wild followed by a rather rugged tail brushing session but he seemed to have fun and that is so important to me. I don't have a dog for the sake of having a dog. I want him to be happy and take as much from life as possible. I want him to meet other animals, run around, have fun. I'm willing to brush the tugs out when he gets his tail wrapped up in a branch and pick up his poop every day. I knew what was I getting into getting Nico but I don't think I ever expected to get so much BACK in return. Seeing him happy makes me happy.