Sunday, 14 July 2013

Ice Lollies and Boiled Eggs

Summer has finally hit Scotland and it has sure done it in a big way. A heatwave by British standards has struck and while many parts of the world cackle at us Brits floundering they seem to remember we're on a level with Russia and Canada for the most part. We're just not used to these temperatures and that is what it is all about when it comes to change in the weather, what you're used to vs what you find yourselves experiencing.

I'm not impressed with this heat and Nico sure as hell isn't either. He goes mini walks, as I like to call them, in this heat. He pees, we go home, rinse and repeat as needed until after dinner when it cools down and he trots along happily. I'm lucky that we went to such as fabulous trainer in the beginning and continue to keep in touch with her. She often hands out tips for different occasions and that has proved invaluable over the Summer. Some tips should, I would think, be fairly obvious like checking the pavement with my hand to make sure it isn't too hot. If it is too hot for my hand it is sure as hell too hot for his paws and we need to wait or stick to grass ect. Others get scoffed at by people around me until they see them in action and more importantly see the benefits for Nico.

My favourite has been doggy ice lollies, Nico's too. I was scoffed at when I informed my parents why I was pinching a plastic Tupperware box but I carried on. It it as easy as boiling the kettle and making up some chicken stock, popping it in the box and freezing it on a normal day. When the sun decides to pop its hat on and make a rare appearance, bring out the box and if you're anything like me proceed to smash it to death with a rolling pin until some chips come off. What your dog doesn't want now pop back in the freezer but Nico loves them. He likes to carry them around in his mouth for a bit to cool down and then spit them out and have a wee chew, or you know play, before polishing them off. I gave him his in a bowl and when he wasn't eating it he tended to pop it in there so all the melted stock gathered there and provided a tasty cold drink when he was finished. It sounds ridiculous to make an ice lolly for your dog but a dog is part of your family so why the hell not? Only thing I regret is using a box. Next time I think I will use an old ice-cube maker and dedicate that to the wee man and his chicken stock. They are murder to pop out but might be cleaner than the explosion of ice I ended up with before. I needed an ice cold drink after that work for sure.

In other news Nico is 1 on Thursday. Sob. My wee man is growing up so fast. Plan to make him a wee boiled egg for his breakfast for a treat and there might be some home made scone involved in his dinner. He does love a wee egg and scone. I've not mentioned it before but Nico doesn't eat dog food. Nothing that wouldn't pass for human consumption is going anywhere near by dog. I get him meats and cheese that would actually pass inspections and actually have meat in them rather than insanely high percentages of grain. Grain that failed tests to be given to humans. Nico eats a mix of beef, chicken, ham, eggs and likes the off corner of toast and so on. People are often appalled when they hear this and say BUT THE VET, yeah the vet probably paid to advertise certain brands. Plus, what do these people think dogs ate before dog food? What do they think they eat in the wild? Nico is perfectly healthy and a perfect weight and very happy with his human food in his cat bowl. Cat bowl because I couldn't find a dog one he could get his wee face in. So yes, it is his birthday this week and he will be getting a wee bit of warm scone as his 'cake' and two of his favourite meals. Mushed boiled egg for breakfast and a half raw beef sausage for dinner. Wouldn't mind it myself!

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